While covering war, journalist saw father as a young man

U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman Ralph Fenwick, in his pharmacy on board ship, sometime in the late 1940s. He served on a ship when he wasn't landing with the U.S. Marines.
“Do you think these guys are like the ones in World War II?” “I bet they’re exactly the same.” I was a lucky man. It was as if I got to see my father as a young man again. And I didn’t have to see any of them die.
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Fired bus drivers allege DA’s office was pressured to file criminal charges

A Tulsa transit bus station, S. Denver Ave.
Drivers fired by Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority for embezzlement in 2014 are alleging that the decision by the District Attorney's Office to file charges was politically motivated.
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As Tulsa Jail costs rise, staffing levels deteriorate

The Tulsa Jail has been the focus of more than a dozen civil rights lawsuits filed in recent years over prisoner deaths and injuries. DYLAN GOFORTH/The Frontier
The Tulsa Jail employed 452 detention officers, supervisors and support staff as of July. That number represents a drop from 496 employees assigned to the jail last July.
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Six examples showing why the city is reviewing development rules

The city of Tulsa proposed allowing the owner of ????, at the corner of M.B. Franklin Street and Elgin Avenue, to purchase two automated parking meters valued at $12,600 in return for the restaurant's turning four parking spaces into an outdoor dining area. The parking space had been on the east side of the building, across from Oneok Field. KEVIN CANFIELD/The Frontier
We detail six examples of developments that city officials say have placed stairways, sidewalk dining areas and other encroachments on city property. The city is reviewing its procedures for agreements to compensate the city for private use of its property.
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